Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Failure

Google’s first Nexus 7 tablet computer came into the market with an excellent screen, quality look and feel, strong functionality and 7-inch display screen to provide you greater expertise while watching videos or photographs, but with a serious issue of Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Failure. Along with the most important thing concerning the Nexus 7 is the cost, which comes from your financial plan.

Nexus 7 Wifi Connection Failure

But it is very tough to get a single smartphone that is a problem free. Nexus 7 is also not an exclusion of this. Should you utilize this tablet, you might confront wi-fi connection problem since the majority of the users have complained about the wi-fi falling problem on Nexus 7. In accordance with the users, both the wi-fi won’t connect or the link falls very often.

Potential solutions for wi-fi falling problem on Nexus 7

There are lots of reasons for wi-fi falling problem on Nexus 7 and also most of these are not linked to the tablet computer, but when the problem is on your tablet computer, then you may try out the below steps.

  1. Check the date and time settings in your Nexus 7 and also ensure they are correct since a few users have reported that an issue with the date being incorrect.
  2. Switch the NFC off from going to Settings > and uncheck the box that’s next toNFC. Some users have discovered a solution following this manner.
  3. Switch the Wi-fi button in your own Nexus 7 and onto it. Then turn off the router and. It could fix the wi-fi falling problem on Nexus 7 briefly.
  4. You might have to speak with your ISP or the troubleshooting steps of this router to identify the problem.
  5. Occasionally weak wi-fi problem happens due to the loose rear cover and should the wi-fi antenna doesn’t have a fantastic contact. Tight the rear cover of your Nexus 7 and make sure it is placed correctly and then keep your eye on the wi-fi link on the pill to assess whether the problem is solved. If you would like to fix it on your own, then you can follow here since there is advice to eliminate the rear cover and tweaking the antenna of Nexus 7.

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Solution 2

Inside this Solution, you will find more than ten methods by which users may aim the WIFI dropping issue on the Nexus 7. A comprehensive, in-depth guide on the best way best to address this issue permanently.