30 Watch Jargons You Need to Know

The watch world has been stereotyped because the world for males due to the array of terminologies utilized by producers and wearers. The watch jargon could also be important in some methods to non-watch folks.

For one, they can be utilized to clarify how a easy watch works. And two, if a person is focused on a extra profound sense and objective of watchmaking.

You don’t want to be an professional to benefit from the astounding world of horology. Nevertheless, after getting a better understanding of the phrases used, it will likely be simpler to deliberate what you want and what you possibly can afford. 


A mechanical watch that’s wound by the wearer’s wrist movement as a substitute of twisting the crown. The wrist movement strikes a counterweight that powers the mainspring and turns the watch’s gears.

Balance Wheel

An oscillating weighted wheel at a relentless price, which strikes the watch’s gears and permits the palms to transfer ahead.

Balance Spring

A fragile spring hooked up to the steadiness wheel that controls the oscillating steadiness wheel price. Also referred to as hairspring. 


The band that connects across the wearer’s wrist and fastens to the lugs.


A steel ring that encircles the watch crystal and comprises a time scale. Though some stay stationary or wouldn’t have a scale.


A time period related to watch motion and signifies the diameter of attributes like casing measurement and bridges’ form and format. 

Case Back

The entrance angle of a watch the place the show seems and contrarily, typically hides the interior workings of a watch. 


A watch that has an added stopwatch perform featured to the primary time. This may be both quartz, mechanical, or a mix of the 2. Also, it’s activated by way of a set of pushers from the aspect of the case. 


A watch that has been autonomously examined by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). 


An added perform of a watch that goes additional than telling the time. An instance is a calendar, chronograph, or a moon section indicator. It requires extra components that make a watch costlier and sophisticated to construct.


The translucent protecting cowl that covers the watch face, normally constructed from glass, acrylic, or artificial sapphire.


Also often called the face, that shows the time and exhibits numerals, markings, and palms.

Dive Watch

It is a waterproof watch, however remember the fact that not all waterproof watches are dive watches. Genuine dive watches observe the usual for diving, similar to ISO 6425, requiring the timepiece to be waterproof to a minimum of a depth of 100 meters.


An inner mechanical watch half that transfers the facility from a wound-up watch into the motion of the watch’s second hand by driving the steadiness wheel at a secure price.


Refers to Switzerland’s largest motion maker that may be a subsidiary of The Swatch Group Ltd. 


The velocity at which the watch beats and measured in both hertz or vibration per hour.


A plastic, neoprene, or rubber ring used to seal the gaps between the case and the case again, crown, and crystal to keep away from water and mud from getting into the case and damaging the motion inside. 

Gear Train

A gear system that transmits energy from the mainspring to the escapement.


Although it means Greenwich Mean Time, a watch pertains to GMT as the power to monitor two time zones without delay. Initially developed by Rolex for pilots within the 1950s, they’re predominantly useful to any frequent flyer.

Haute Horlogerie

A French time period meaning “high watchmaking” and is used to differentiate watchmakers or watches that exhibit utmost proficiency in watch design, technical innovation, and ending. 


The imprints on the watch dial used to signify the hours rather than numerals. In higher-end watches, these are generally utilized or hooked up to the dial as a substitute of marking it on. 


Metal items on the high and backside of a watch case the place the strap is hooked up.


The base on which all of the components of a mechanical watch motion are mounted. 


A coiled spring that turns into tightened when a watch is wound, therefore storing the watch’s vitality. The mainspring is sheltered in a tiny drum referred to as a “barrel.”

Manufacture d’Horologie

A French time period that refers to a watch firm growing its components “in house” as a substitute of accumulating watch components from third-party half suppliers.


Most watch producers pertain to their actions as “calibers,” as it’s the interior working mechanism of a watch. In a mechanical motion, the primary components are mainspring, gear practice, the escapement, and steadiness wheel. Whereas in a quartz motion, the primary parts are battery, microchip circuit, quartz crystal, and stepper motor.


A knob on a chronograph watch that begins, stops, and/or resets the chronograph system. 


A high-end complication that produces sound to point out the time on the push of a button on the watch case.


A tourbillon is a sort of escapement sheltered in a rotating cage that’s used to counter the adversarial results of gravity on the motion. 


A case or field that lightly rotates an computerized watch to preserve the mainspring absolutely wound when it isn’t being worn.


And there you may have it! Indeed, the watch world may be daunting and intimidating. Yet, it’s nice to study new issues like this and to arm your self with extra information alongside the best way. Who is aware of, it will likely be useful to you at some point. If you need to begin a pastime in watchmaking, then a dependable firm, like Sofly watch components producer and provider, is the one you that may want.